Autumn Study Weekend


Sports Vision and therapy with Geoff Heddle

Near Point Retinoscopy workshop with Paul Adler

Venue: Pendulum Hotel, Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3BB

Program for BABO running alongside AIO conference

Saturday 13 –  Monday 15  October 2018

 The course will include :

-How the visual process is used in sport.

-How to assess an athlete from a behavioural perspective using tests in your practice or in a training ground environment.

-How information can be used to assess sporting potential.

-What tests to use and how to interpret the results.

It will include a mixture of teaching, theory and practical exercises.

 The conference will commence at 11am on Saturday finishing at 5pm.  Sunday will be from 8.30am-5.30pm and Monday 10am-3pm.  The BABO AGM will take place on Sunday 12-1pm and the AIO AGM will take place on Monday 9 -10am.

After spending his youth in various sports teams, Dr. Geoffrey Heddle set out to pursue his professional goals of aiding athlete’s in their pursuits through the profession of Optometry.  Dr. Heddle has provided care for professional, collegiate, and youth athletes of all kinds of sports. Practicing from a behavioural model, Dr. Heddle believes every athlete can receive invaluable assistance from their Optometrist. His goal is to educate Optometrists on how they can provide a greater level of care for their athletic patients.

Saturday’s Welcome Dinner will be at Manchester United Football Club, Old Trafford.

This will include dinner, drinks and entertainment by Dr Sarah Morgan.

Sunday’s Gala Dinner will be at The Lowry Hotel and dinner will be accompanied by harpist Rachael Gladwin followed by dancing to “Grove Thing”.

Transport will be provided to and from these events.

GOC CET points will be applied for.  BABO points are available for this course.

Accommodation may be booked directly with the hotel on Telephone 0161 9558000 please quote DELMCC

BABO Annual CONFERENCE 2018 Booking form   Including online payment details

Spring/Summer Meeting 2018

 Ran in May

Speakers: Nancy and Jared Torgersson