Welcome to our education pages. If you have any questions regarding courses please contact our administrator admin@babo.co.uk.

She will forward your query to the education committee. Core courses are OVT 1-5. To become accredited you must complete OVT 1-3; for fellowship OVT 1-5 and then the fellowship process. There is now information of the fellowship process in a separate section.

Courses for Optometrists & Therapists

  • To whet your appetite for information BABO Bitesize sessions at various locations throughout the UK – details of venues for Taster sessions, and any of the courses, can be found on the BABO website, and by contacting the Administrator on admin@babo.co.uk.

BABO offers a series of five core courses to expand and develop your thinking and learning of Behavioural Optometry.

  • OVT1A and B Introduction to Behavioural Optometry, and Further Concepts in Behavioural Optometry
  • OVT2 Intermediate Optometric Vision Therapy
  • OVT3 Vision and Learning
  • OVT4 Strabismus and Amblyopia
  • OVT5 Motor Training within Optometric Vision Therapy


As well as the core courses, we run an Annual Study Meeting with the BABO AGM, generally in September or October, and a Spring meeting in May/June time with visiting speakers from other countries as well as BABO speakers.


We also offer local Peer Review Group meetings, in three locations, in February and November.


With further learning and experience BABO members can follow the Certification Programme leading to BABO Fellowship which they can complete in a two or four year cycle.