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Events Diary

For further information on OVT courses please see the course summaries at the bottom of this page (flyer for download as soon as available) or visit the individual course description page.

Spring/Summer Meeting 2018

Sunday & Monday 20th/21st May 

Mercure London – Heathrow Hotel

  Vision and Autism

Speakers: Dr Nancy Torgerson and Jared Torgerson

 We are delighted to welcome Dr Nancy Torgerson from Seattle, USA to present on this topic:

  • To understand autism spectrum disorder
  • To learn how to prepare yourself, your staff and practice for patients and parents of those on the spectrum
  • To understand how to individualise a visual evaluation and vision therapy for a person on the autism spectrum
  • To understand the focal and ambient visual system
  • To understand the value of yoked prisms
  • To review cases, hands on vision therapy activities and video to prepare for those on the spectrum
  • To learn how to communicate and be a part of the person’s interdisciplinary care
  • To review resources available

Please see individual AGM and Summer meeting page for booking form and more details

 Taster Sessions 2018

These evenings are ideal for anyone wanting to find out more about BABO and behavioural optometry or for those thinking of starting BABO’s courses.

If you are interested in attending or anyone you know maybe please contact admin. A light buffet will be provided and the evening will the earn one GOC CET point for optometrists and dispensing opticians who attend.
Please call Lorraine on: 07443 569021 or email



For Optometrists and Therapists with questions please find Behavioural Optometrists Group and BABO Therapists on Facebook. Request an invite to join.

International and other providers dates:

April 26-29, 2018 ICBO Sydney Australia
March 2019 – SIODEC, Grenada


OVT 2 – Intermediate Optometric Vision Therapy. Edinburgh

10-12th February 2019

For optometrists and therapists who have attended the BABO OVT1A & B courses (or equivalent)

We have put together the foundations of further understanding of the Behavioural approach to vision care and, at the same time, given sufficient practical clinical techniques to really develop your skills when treating patients. This course will improve your range and depth of understanding, and will demonstrate at least 25 OVT activities, including the appropriate loading for each patient. There will be enough flexibility in the course timings to enable the course to go at your own pace and to answer many of the questions you may have about how to apply the techniques, including case planning and programming and administration of therapy in practice.

To book your place please  contact forms and flyer from link to be posted when available:


OVT 1A and B 

NOW ****combined 4 day course****

 8-11th September 2018, Edinburgh

Course tutor: Caroline Hurst, BSc, FCOpto, FBABO

OVT1 is the first of five core courses for optometrists and therapists wishing to learn about Behavioural Optometry. Members who want to become BABO accredited will need to attend OVT1A and B, OVT2 and OVT3 as a minimum.

The OVT1 course has been divided into two parts to allow for practise of the skills learned. The combined course will cover behavioural philosophy, assessment and treatment of accommodation, convergence, fusional problems, eye movements as well as near point stress, four circles and near point retinoscopy . Plenty of time will be devoted to trying out treatment techniques and for discussions. Each delegate will receive a free starter kit of OVT equipment for the activities taught on the course. Both courses last two days.  Contact to get further information.

More information and booking details can be found by downloading the flyer here: OVT1 flyer 2017

OVT4  3 days – 8th-10th July 2018 Dublin

Dr. Robin Lewis, Phoenix – Strabismus and amblyopia

The course will be interactive and because of this numbers will be limited.
To register an interest in this course please contact


OVT5 – Motor Training within Optometric Vision Therapy 

TBC January, 2019

Lead: Caroline Hurst, BSc, FCOptom, FBABO

Movement, the visual process and the development of processing and perceptual skills are intrinsically linked in a continuous, cyclical process of making a motor action, processing and understanding the sensory input from that motor action, then with vision modifying the next motor action. This course will explore the development and learning of gross and fine motor skills together with primitive and postural reflex control of movements, and describe the impact of infantile reflexes upon visual process development. The infantile reflexes will be considered as part of the total visuo-motor development system, and the course will include the descriptions, actions and effects of primitive reflexes together with assessments and therapy activities to provide a methodical approach to testing and therapy activities.

OVT3 – Vision and Learning (3 days) 

8-10th July 2018, Birmingham, UK

 Lead: Owen Leigh BSc, FCOptom, FBABO

This course is ideally suited to any practitioner with an interest in learning difficulties and who has some experience of behavioural optometry. The lead speaker, Owen Leigh, has enormous experience in this field and his practice in Hampshire has an international reputation for its work.  Prior attendance at OVT1 and OVT2 courses is essential, and attendance for all three days of this course is mandatory. CET points available, and the course will attract BABO points.

The course will be a mix of didactic content, covering the basic theories of learning difficulties, the impact of visual problems on learning, and testing with vision therapy and practice management. It has been re-formatted to fit in with the guidelines for CET points. This makes it ideal for those who have taken OVT3 in the past to revisit the topics covered.  A comprehensive manual and pen drive will be provided within the course fee.

The course will be interactive and because of this, numbers will be limited.

To register an interest in this course please contact