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OVT 4 Strabismus & Amblyopia

The seminar will cover the practice, theory and criteria for success in treatment when treating a patient with strabismus or amblyopia.

Dr Robin Lewis received his Doctorate of Optometry at Pacific University in Oregon in 1981. He is a director of OEP (Optometric Extension Program Foundation). Dr Lewis, who was a strabismic with learning difficulties, was a successful vision therapy patient that lead to his interest and career in Optometry. He is the managing partner of a multi-doctor practice in Chandler, Arizona where he has been in private practice since 1981.

Practical instruction of vision therapy techniques that integrate the theory with practice will be the heart of this seminar. Dr Lewis’ approach is the ‘old fashioned’ way with minimal equipment and maximal observation and understanding.   Lens prescribing will be discussed in detail and Dr Lewis will use case histories from his own clinic to illustrate the important principles for effective lens prescribing.

The format of this seminar allows all the theory to be discussed and therapy activities to be demonstrated in each of the three days. This seminar has been expanded from 12 hours to 21 hours to ensure that a careful review of the possible complications of strabismus therapy is included.

Experienced participants will gain strong insights that allow them to meet the needs of their patients more effectively. This course is designed for the experienced BABO member who has studied OVT1, OVT2 & OVT3 and who has practised vision therapy with at least 50 patients. Those with less experience or studies should find the course fascinating and useful but should not expect to introduce this approach into their practice without considerable further studies in Behavioural Optometric Vision Therapy.

This course is also a pre-requisite for those taking the BABO Fellowship. The course will be interactive and because of this numbers will be limited.

Dates and Flyers will be posted in Events Diary as soon as they are available.  To register interest intaking this course please contact

OVT4  Strabismus and Amblyopia

Course Tutor: Dr. Robin Lewis, Phoenix, AZ

Venue: Dublin, Ireland.