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VT 5 Motor Training in OVT

Motor Training within Optometric Vision Therapy – OVT5  

Trainer: Caroline Hurst

Movement, the visual process and the development of processing and perceptual skills are intrinsically linked in a continuous, cyclical process of making a motor action, processing and understanding the sensory input from that motor action, then with vision modifying the next motor action.

This course will explore the development and learning of gross and fine motor skills together with primitive and postural reflex control of movements, and describe the impact of infantile reflexes upon visual process development. The infantile reflexes will be considered as part of the total visuo-motor development system, and the course will include the descriptions, actions and effects of primitive reflexes together with assessments and therapy activities to provide a methodical approach to testing and therapy activities.

More than half of the course is practical floor work in pairs. Attendees should wear comfortable, loose clothing for floor work, and bring a cushion.

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OVT5 Motor Training within Optometric Vision Therapy

Date and venue TBC

Course Tutor: Caroline Hurst BSc, FCOptom, FBABO

Flyers will be posted in events Diary as soon as available.

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