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OVT 1 A+B Introduction & Further Concepts

OVT1 is the first of five core courses for optometrists and therapists wishing to learn about Behavioural Optometry. Members who want to become BABO accredited will need to attend OVT1A and B, OVT2 and OVT3 as a minimum.

The OVT1 course has been divided into two parts to allow for practise of the skills learned. The combined course will cover behavioural philosophy, assessment and treatment of accommodation, convergence, fusional problems, eye movements as well as near point stress, four circles and near point retinoscopy. Plenty of time will be devoted to trying out treatment techniques and for discussions. Each delegate will receive a free starter kit of OVT equipment for the activities taught on the course.


OVT 1A: Introduction to Behavioural Optometry

OVT 1B: Further concepts in Behavioural Optometry

Course Tutor: Caroline Hurst BSc, FCOptom, FBABO

To register interest please contact Flyer and dates will be added to events diary.