OVT 4 - Strabismus and Amblyopia – Optometric Assessment and Treatment

  • 25 Oct 2021
  • 27 Oct 2021
  • Marriott Hotel, London Heathrow

OVT4 - Strabismus and Amblyopia – Optometric Assessment and Treatment 3 day course

Practical instruction of vision therapy techniques that integrate the theory with practice will be the heart of this course. 

Lens prescribing will be discussed in detail and case histories will be used to illustrate the important principles for effective lens prescribing. 

The format of this seminar has been reviewed with greater emphasis on therapy and will be of interest to those that have taken the course before as well as those new to the subject.

Experienced participants will gain strong insights that allow them to meet the needs of their patients more effectively.

This course is designed for the experienced BABO member who has studied OVT1, OVT2 & OVT3 and who has practised Optometric Vision Therapy with at least 50 patients. 

Those with less experience or studies should find the course fascinating, and useful, but should not expect to introduce this approach into their practice without considerable further studies in Behavioural Optometric Vision Therapy.

Members        £947

Vision Therapists        £797

Repeating optometrists £797

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